District Governor


Nancy Phillips - Woonsocket Lions Club

Thank you District 42 for the opportunity TO SERVE as your District Governor. I am looking forward to serving during the first year of the new century of Lions. The message and motto is once again “WE SERVE.” Our International President has brought us back to the basics of what Lions are all about – SERVICE. The Power of WE – We stand together to serve those in need. The Power of Action – We must be the change we wish to see in the world. The Power of Service – As more of us come together, the world’s problems become smaller. So many of the clubs of this District do wonderful and exciting events within your communities and the impact of these events are outstanding. Whether the project is small or large please remember that you have SERVED and you have had an impact on someone’s life. I am looking forward to seeing, hearing and attending some of these great activities that you as Lions are doing for District 42.
Go out - Serve - Enjoy - Let people know that we are Lions and "WE SERVE"

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District Governor

Nancy Phillips


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