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New Account Instructions

To create a new account, click the “Calendar Login” button above, this will open a new screen.

In the middle, you will see “Register | Lost your password?” Click the Register button.

Next, input your username and email and click the blue register button on the bottom right.

You will get a message at the top that says “Registration complete. Please check your email.”

Open the email you typed into the box and you will see a new message titled “WordPress.” Open that email and click on the long link.

This will open a new window with a long auto-generated password, delete that password and input your own password and click the “Reset Password” button.

This will open a new screen with the message “Your password has been reset. Log in.” Click the Log In hyperlink and login in!

Any questions, problems, or concerns, click this link and submit your questions to the Webmaster:
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