Global Leadership Team Chair District 42


GLT Mary Ann Hutchins - North Kingstown Lions Club

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The upcoming District Training date is TBD.

Information and Resources

Club Secretary MyLCI Training

The club secretary has numerous duties as they serve as the liaison between the club and district, and the association. The MyLCI online site assists club officers in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and provides numerous benefits specific to the club secretary position. The “Club Secretary Training” presentation provides an overview of the function and features of MyLCI and directions on using those features

Session Agenda…

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Club Treasurer MyLCI Training

The club treasurer has numerous duties, as they are responsible for all of the club’s financial matters. The MyLCI site, formerly WMMR, will assist club officers in the fulfillment of some of their responsibilities and provide numerous benefits specifically to club treasurers, making it highly beneficial to provide a sneak peek into its new look and features.

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Become a Lion

To become a Lion, click this Link to learn more.