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District Coordinator Bill Kelly - Rumford Lions Club

Lions Clubs International Foundation (“LCIF”) is our Foundation. When a Club or District wants to sponsor a project that is monetarily too large for the Club or District, we can apply to LCIF for a grant of funds to supplement our fundraising. An example of a large project of this type is the recent expansion of the Ronald McDonald House in Providence. With pledges and donations from many outside sources, The House was able to expand to 28 bedrooms from the prior 18. Lions and Lions Clubs pledged more than $100,000 to help support this expansion and once we have paid $100,000, we will apply for matching grant of $100,000 for this project.

But funds to make and pay grants such as these have to come from us, the Lions and Lions Club of District 42 (RI) and all of the other 750* Districts across the globe.

And we see this succeed here in RI. Clubs donate funds and name members or community members outside of their clubs as new or progressive Melvin Jones Fellows. Individual Lions have made donations to LCIF for the same reasons and have become new or Progressive Melvin Jones Fellows.

As Lions, this Foundation and our support of it is a true source of pride.

Rhode Island District 42

Melvin Jones Fellows

Lions Clubs International's Highest Form of Recognition

Lions who personally donate to LCIF or Lions whose Clubs donate to LCIF in their honor are the true heroes of our organization. New and Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowships represent these donations that are made in increments of $1,000 and these donations are the backbone of LCIF funding.

These Fellowships clearly identify Lions who have made a monetary or service commitment or both. These commitments/donations benefit our local communities and communities all around the world.

For these reasons, Melvin Jones Fellows are held in the highest esteem.

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Information and Resources

Melvin Jones Fellows Donations via United Way of RI

Dear Lions,

Lions who are working and making donations to UWRI, via one time donations or payroll deductions, can direct a portion or all of their donations to LCIF. Once a Lion’s donations to LCIF total $1,000,he / she can complete the MJF application and become a Fellow or Progressive Fellow.

A number of individual Lions who have followed these steps have becomea MJF or Progressive MJF.

UWRI Procedure for Lions Who Pledge Less Than $1,000 Each Year:...

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Donations for Disater Relief; Consider LCIF

Dear Lions and Members of the Community,

The recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey has many people and organizations asking how they can donate funds to provide and support relief services. The Lions Clubs of District 42 are a part of this group.

As Lions, we are fortunate to have an organization to direct donations and help gain recognition of our efforts and generosity. We can donate funds to Lions Clubs International Foundation (“LCIF”), which in turn has the ability to dispense funds to help with these disasters and to help in other areas.

Area of Greatest Need:...

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